Cheap Car Insurance Rates in Austin, Texas

Unfortunately, the average car insurance rate in Austin is higher than both the national and state average due to a high accident rate and a high number of insurance claims. For individuals looking for liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage, the average cost for car insurance for men is around $1,272 per year for men and $1,333 for women. However, it is still possible to find good deals, especially if you don’t have a high rate of claims or tickets.

As part of this study, we compared the rates of the companies that offered the best car insurance rates for Austin, Texas. For the purposes of this comparison used a 30-year-old, single man, who owned his own home. The man drove a 2014 Toyota Rav4 and drove around 12,000 miles a year, using his car primarily for commuting to and from work. He had no history of accidents, claims, or tickets. He selected coverage slightly above the state minimum, but still less than the full comprehensive coverage.

A similar analysis was used for a 30-year-old woman which had an otherwise identical history. It was found the average cost for the man was $107 per month and for the woman, it was $104 per month. The cheapest companies were either Elephant or Mercury, with many of the other companies costing an upwards of $10 – $20 more per month.

It is important to remember that one of the big discrepancies in insurance is what zip code you live in. There are 15 different zip codes throughout Austin. The most expensive zip codes for men were 78731 and 78732, which encompass neighborhoods of Allandale, Balcones Park, Rosedale, Davenport, Lost Creek, Rollingwood, Rob Roy, Stratford Hills, and Westlake Hills.

The cheapest auto insurance rate for men in these neighborhoods was $126 per month. For women, 78732 and 78746 were the most expensive zip codes. These include the neighborhoods of Davenport, Lost Creek, Rollingwood, Rob Roy, Stratford Hills, Westlake Hills, Lake Travis, and Steiner Ranch. Unsurprisingly many of these neighborhoods are also some of the wealthiest and most up and coming areas of Austin, where in-general people drive more expensive cars and that was reflected in a higher cost of car insurance.